Yogi Blair explains the benefits of weekly Yoga

Yoga teacher, Blair Read, has been leading her popular weekly classes at Ribchester Village Hall for nearly two years. With it's generous space, plenty of natural light and (crucially) underfloor heating, the Hall is the perfect place to practise. You've probably heard of Yoga before - maybe even considered giving it a go. But how much do you really know about its benefits? Read on...

"Many people think that Yoga is just stretching. But while stretching is certainly involved, Yoga is really about creating balance in the body and mind through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures each of which has specific physical benefits. Theses poses are performed slowly with the help of controlled breathing to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose, which in turn focuses and relaxes the mind.

"The practice of Yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago, and has been adapted in other countries in a variety of ways over the years. Yoga is now commonplace in leisure centres, health clubs, schools, hospitals, and prisons as well as trendy city Yoga centres.

"Anyone can start to practice Yoga, even if you don't feel like you are very flexible, strong or good at balancing. These things will improve with practice. Yoga postures are a form of exercise that can be enjoyed by everybody of any age from childhood to advanced years. 

"Scientific evidence suggest that Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance. Regular Yoga practice has been proved to be beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains, lower back issues, depression and stress. It improves lung capacity, increases energy and is a great stress relief."

So what are you waiting for, try a Yoga class with Blair and experience the effects for your self!
Ribchester Village Hall, every Wednesday from 6pm - 7.30pm during term time.