Colins Paraguay TalkA Rough Guide to Paraguay and St Helena

What have Paraguay and St Helena got in common? Well, firstly few people will be able to tell you exactly whereabouts in the world they are, secondly few people actually visit them and thirdly they are both difficult to access (in the case of St. Helena the only option is the freight boat).

All that did not detract from a most informative and enjoyable talk about these two interesting places given by Colin Cunliffe on the evening of 15th February in the Village Hall.

Colin has performed fire fighting duties in both places although his stay in St Helena passed almost completely without incident. Using some fascinating slides Colin was able to illustrate the sometimes violent history of the countries, the lack of facilities that we take for granted and some of the local characters that he met, in particular Nurse Beryl Baker in Paraguay.

The talk raised an extremely creditable £467.00 for the Village Hall improvement fund. Thank you Colin!