King Arthur - A knight to remember!

Having recently seen the latest Young RATS production, King Arthur, I would like to suggest a new theatrical term... a Pantoplay. This describes a production with all the polish of a play , but the well orchestrated fun of a pantomime.

The play describes a chapter in the life of King Arthur, but that does not really matter. It gave the audience a chance to see the HUGE talent that RATS has lined up, waiting in the wings - both in writing, producing and, of course, acting.

Nell Johnson played a delightfully modest king, Charlie Hinkley a totally OTT Merlin, and Sam Soper, as the evil Sir Mordred, relished the oppotunity to act the panto villain.

The programme stated "we have had an absolute blast with this show". I can believe that just from the complex but well executed dance routines!

Well done to the Young RATS and more please.

Alan Tomlinson